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What do our students think?


“With Pinyin Cinema, I’m learning how to understand words and phrases when they are spoken in fast conversations, just as they are spoken in real life.” – Mark

“Every Pinyin Cinema user gets to Skype call with a native Chinese speaker for twenty minutes each month to practice sentences they have learnt, for me this was amazing since I was able to perfect the pronunciation and tones of the new words I had been learning, as well as get advice on when and how to use them.” – Claire

“The learning games are superb. I love to hop back and forth from the games and the movies to master the words and phrases that are spoken.” –¬†Jacqui Martin

“I’ve learnt more from the three days I’ve been using Pinyin Cinema than I did in the whole four months I was using the Rosetta Stone iPhone app.” –¬†Eun-Kyung


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